What a time I have had working on my new book.  Five years ago, I had several successful authors try VERY hard to convince me to write a book.  My publicist put the finishing touches on that request, and voila, a book is coming soon.   The book is filled with hilarious stories and God given insights into His Word and how we can handle life with His help.


Today, I spent an hour walking around in LifeWay looking at different book layouts and taking notes.  I think the guys in the store thought I was someone “official” because they asked if they could help me every two seconds.  I am sure it’s just that great “Life Way” service!    There are a LOT of ideas for a book, so I am mulling through the piles of ideas now.  Pray for me-my brain only thinks one step at a time and there are SO many decisions to be made for this one.  I am enjoying the journey, however, and can’t WAIT to share all that God has shown me with you.


Thanks for reading and I’ll see you again tomorrow!

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