Time to Celebrate the Savior!

Happy December! What a great time of year.  Oh, not because of the lights, stockings and gifts, but because we get to put our focus where it really counts-Jesus!  Isn’t it great?  For one month, the world has to hear about Jesus.  They can’t help it!  It’s in the songs that are piped through the mall and the Christmas cards that are sent by many.  It’s His birthday, after all…so why not celebrate?


This year, it’s my goal to keep the focus the focus.  I can get really uptight sometimes trying to make everything “perfect” for the holidays.  So, let’s take a trip back to the manger!  What about THAT place would have been considered “perfect” in the world’s eyes?  Yet, GOD said it was enough and allowed His only son to come into the world with the animals and some scroungy shepherds around Him.  What an awesome God we serve!  Nothing “perfect” in the world’s eyes as far as surroundings, but it didn’t keep THE perfect gift from being born.


This year, take the pressure off and focus on what really counts.  The tree may not be perfect, nor the way you wrap the presents, but THE perfect gift lives inside of you if you are a Christian and it’s time to celebrate!  So come on, have a Merry CHRISTmas and think about the manger when you get stressed out.  All God needed was simple.  Keep it simple and keep the focus the focus!


Merry Christmas and love to all of you!

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