The Overlooked Generation




The Overlooked Generation: Parenting Teens and Tweens in a Complicated Culture.

Shannon’s book for parents covers topics such as dating, bullying, body image, social media, drug abuse, suicide and other important issues.

“Combining informative information with scriptural principles, Shannon Perry offers parents practical, yet timeless advice on how to raise teens and tweens in an ever-evolving culture.” — Josh McDowell, renowned speaker and author of over 138 books including New Evidence that Demands a Verdict, recognized as one of the top 40 books of the 20th Century. 

“[Shannon] has the knowledge and experience to address bullying and other difficult issues that include eating disorders, drug use, and other problems that today’s tweens and teen must address and avoid. Well-researched and filled with good advice, I would recommend this book for any parent of a young girl and boy who wants to deal with these issues.” — Bookviews

“Informative, insightful, and inspirational, this book is a must read for all parents, grandparents, and anyone else who interacts regularly with teens and tweens.” — Dr. Eriko Valk, psychologist/CEO, Liberty Path, Inc. 

“Shannon Perry’s The Overlooked Generation is an informative book every parent should read to understand the devastating effects of bullying and what steps can be taken to alleviate it.” — Rebecca Roberts, B.Ed., Educator for 30 years