Shannon Perry


Shannon is award-winning author and a contributing writer for numerous magazines and websites including Focus on the Family magazine, Brio magazine, Charisma magazine,,, and, among many others. Her latest book “Grace and Guts: Strategies for Living a Knock-out Life,” became a #1 Amazon best-seller in two categories. 

Shannon is also a recipient of the “Readers’ Favorite” Award in the Christian Living Category for her third book, “Stand: Staying Balanced with Answers for Real Teen Life.”  Shannon wrote “Stand” after meeting with ten teen and tween girls in her home for over two months. “Stand” delves into the common issues teens face as well as several difficult issues such as gender identity, bullying, suicide, cutting, drugs, and pre-marital sex.  Each topic is addressed using Biblical principles.  “Stand” also serves as an informational resource for her mother/teen daughter conference In Her Shoes.  

Shannon holds a Master’s Degree in Education and Counseling and is a Certified Instructor in Parenting Classes and Crisis Counseling. 

Women are warriors…

They fight for their families, their friends and their faith, but they often lay down their gloves when it comes to caring for themselves. Their opponent comes to “steal, kill and destroy.” He throws every possible punch to knock them down for the count, but the truth is, victory has been promised when they find the GUTS to enter the ring and the GRACE to endure the fight.

Counselor, speaker, television host and award-winning author Shannon Perry asked thousands of women at her nationwide conferences, “What areas of life do you struggle with the most?” In Grace and Guts, Shannon directly addresses these twelve core topics women identified as their most difficult challenges in life. Offering Biblical guidance along with step-by-step solutions and her trademark humor, Shannon helps women find the courage to strap on their gloves and deliver the knock-out punch to their emotional and spiritual battles, then move fearlessly into the unique plans and purpose God has designed just for them.

“Shannon’s insight into the needs of women is a remarkable testament to how much we all struggle with the same things. Shannon helps us see that in the end, God has answers for all our difficulties.” —Rene Gutteridge, Hallmark Channel movie writer

“Grace and Guts is exactly what our hurting world needs right now!” —Marsha Lambeth, Salem Radio Production Director


Have you ever

  • entangled yourself in a toilet paper holder in a public bathroom?
  • had a horse use your car hood as a salt lick?
  • left a sandwich in your purse for over a month?
  • got your car stuck in the middle of a wedding reception in the bride’s front lawn?

These are just a few of the hilarious snapshots in the life of Shannon Perry. By sharing real-life moments of amusement and awkwardness, Shannon finds spiritual lessons in the midst of everyday life. Grace in High Heels: Coinciding with her women’s conference, “If the Shoe Fits,” Shannon offers hope in “Grace in High Heels” by taking an honest look at the struggles that women face on a daily basis. “Grace in High Heels” offers real-life reflections of Humor, Hope & Healing. In 28 easy to read chapters, “Grace in High Heels” includes scripture, upbeat stories and reflection questions to help you live out your walk of faith. By taking an honest look at the absurd, sad, comical and mundane things that women face on a daily basis, Shannon offers practical, scripture-based advice on how to face life’s challenges with grace by walking on the path marked by God’s heel prints.

Have you ever

  • Wanted to know how to have successful relationships?
  • Needed help communicating with your parents?
  • Felt like you didn’t fit and you didn’t understand why?
  • Had tough questions and needed answers?

These are just a few of the questions that Shannon answers in her latest book for teen girls “Stand”. With the help and input of ten teenage girls sharing their own experiences and stories, Shannon speaks the “raw” but “real” truth to teen girls, giving practical and scriptural advice that helps them make the best decisions for life. Stand offers truth and help for teens in the following areas: Friendship, Dating, Esteem and Body Image, Bullying, Cutting, Gender Identity, Sex, Dealing with the “tough” Stuff, How to Effectively Talk with your Parents, Technology and more.

Shannon’s book, THE OVERLOOKED GENERATION: PARENTING TEENS AND TWEENS IN A COMPLICATED CULTURE, was written as a result of parents pleading for answers to the struggles often faced when raising a teen. Shannon holds a Master’s Degree in Education and Counseling and is a Certified Instructor in Parenting Classes and Crisis Counseling. Her experience is invaluable as she shares real-life stories and practical tips drawn from working with youth. “Bookviews” says, “[Shannon] has the knowledge and experience to address bullying and other difficult issues that include eating disorders, drug use, and other problems that today’s tweens and teen must address and avoid. Well researched and filled with good advice, I would recommend this book for any parent of a young girl and boy who wants to deal with these issues.”
“Combining informative information with scriptural principles, Shannon Perry offers parents practical, yet timeless advice on how to raise teens and tweens in an ever-evolving culture.” — Josh McDowell