If the Shoe Fits with Shannon Perry

If the Shoe Fits is an exciting and fun-filled event built for women of all ages and backgrounds.

Your women’s group will enjoy this faith-filled event while learning the powerful truths of God’s Word and how to practically apply them to everyday, real-life situations and circumstances.

“If The Shoe Fits” is a four-part series for women that includes these timely topics:

“Goody Two Shoes”
Description-How to find balance and purpose in our lives as women through the truth of God’s Word.

“Lacing Up The Tongue”
Description-As women, we love to talk, and in “Lacing up the Tongue,” we will discuss seven tongues we need to avoid in order to tame our tongue for God’s glory.

“Is There A Hole In Your Sole”
Description-We will look at the importance of overcoming pain and disappointment in our lives and how we can move past that pain into the plans God has for us by studying the man at the pool of Bethesda (John 5).

“Walk A Mile In My Shoes”
Description-We are called to live Holy lives as Christians, but what does that really look like? During “Walk A Mile In My Shoes,” we will discuss the true meaning of Holiness and how we can walk out a Holy life in the real world.

Great teaching Plus music!

Shannon is a renowned national recording artist and has written songs especially for “If the Shoe Fits” with LifeWay Christian Resources Producer of the Year, Paul Marino.  Not only will you receive powerful teaching, but Shannon opens and closes each session with a song written especially for “If the Shoe Fits” to powerfully reinforce the truths of each topic.

Are you looking for an event that’s easy to plan?

With ready-made promotional materials, “If the Shoe Fits” will enable you to spend less time planning and more time on what matters most – the lives of women.

The Bethesda Circle

A few years ago, Shannon felt led by God at the end of one of her conferences to have all the ladies gather in one large circle for prayer after she shared the story of the man being healed by the pool at Bethesda. One by one, Shannon went to each woman in that circle, touching them and praying for them. It has become one of the most powerful moments in her conferences, and one that many remember for years to come.

Shannon has heard numerous testimonies from women of emotional, physical, and spiritual healing and restoration.  The Bethesda Circle is now an integral part of every conference.

Shannon Perry Videos

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The Self Deprecating Tongue” from “Lacing Up The Tongue
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