In Her Shoes is a one-day, one-of-a-kind experience for moms and their teen/tween daughters. Shannon brings her expertise as a school counselor and Certified Parenting Instructor to tackle some of the toughest issues that arise between moms and daughters.

Fun Skits, Door Prizes, Games, Food, Media with Powerful Messages, Worship Music and More!


  • Friendship
  • Body Image and the Media
  • Social Media – the good, the bad, and the ugly
  • Parent/Teen Communication – what works; what doesn’t
  • God-Esteem vs. Self-Esteem
  • Dating/Boys
  • Purity and God’s Promises (Appropriate for all ages)
  • Bullying; Cyberbullying
  • Making Godly Choices When It’s Tough

Plus one break-out session for mothers to network and share with other moms, while teens enjoy making new friends in their own breakout session!

Stand is used as a resource at the In Her Shoes Conferences

“I picked up a copy of the book “Stand” at your conference in Ft Wayne, for my 11 year old. We started out, I’d read a chapter, then have her read it, and then we’d discuss the questions at the end of it. She’s enjoying the book so much she keeps reading ahead and then I have to catch up! Thank you for such an amazing book that speaks so powerfully to today’s tweens.”

Shannon with her Award winning team who helped write “Stand”