Humor… Hope… Healing

“Purse-uing God” is packed full of the humorous stories and solid Biblical teaching that you have come to expect. Topics include:

Purse-uing Poise…Carrying Confidence Only God Can Give.
We will study the word confidence and how to keep the kind of confidence that God intends for us.

Purse-uing Position…Toting Burdens to the Cross.”
Overcoming adversity through the power of God’s Word and how to manage our emotions when the going gets tough.

Purse-uing Our Prince…Possessing Position as a Princess
We will explore what it really means to be the daughter of the King and how it applies to every area of our lives.

Purse-uing Purpose…Handling God’s Perfect Plan for Our Lives.
We will study spiritual gifts as defined in God’s Word and learn how to use those gifts to fulfill God’s purpose for our life.

Each topic is 1 hour long and includes music from Shannon that helps reinforce the message of each topic. You will also receive ready-made promotional materials and break-out session questions upon request. You know your group best, so we invite you and your team to choose the topics most beneficial to you, based on the time frame of your event.

Women say one of the most memorable and powerful moments they’ve experienced at our events is the Prayer Circle. In both large and small groups, Shannon shares how Jesus healed the man at the pool of Bethesda, then prays for each women. Countless testimonies of emotional, physical, and spiritual healing have been shared with our ministry. 

Shannon Perry Teaching Reel
What Others Are Saying
Shannon’s music video and song written to remind those who attend her events that they are never ‘Overlooked.’