Brand new book and conference!

Grace and Guts

Despite age, culture, religion, or season of life, we are often hurled into the boxing ring of life. Sometimes the sucker punches thrown our way can keep us down for the count.

The good news? We have a knockout strategy that wins every time—the power of God’s Word.

While talking with women all across the country in her conferences, Shannon asked them what they needed most in their everyday lives, and she discovered a list of struggles common to almost every woman.

Through the powerful teaching, humor and real-life application you’ve come to expect from Shannon, her brand-new conference, Grace and Guts, offers women a checklist of practical solutions to the emotions and attitudes that keep us from fulfilling our divine purpose. Shannon teaches how to have the grace and the guts to deal with 12 of the biggest issues that women face including:

Conquering Exhaustion: How to Care for You As You Care For Others
 Betrayal: Staying Off the Ropes When You’re Hit With a Sucker Punch
 Crushing Insecurity: Championing self-esteem, self-worth and confidence
 Overcoming Faithlessness and Fear: Clinching Victory in the Toughest Round
 People-Pleasing: Throwing Insignificance and Shame A Knock-Out Punch
 Demolishing Addiction: Defeating a Deadly Competitor
 Overpowering Loneliness: Going the Distance to Find Your Crowd
 Mastering Anger: Maintaining Control of Your Fight
 Managing Difficult People: Winning at Home and in the Workplace
 Depression: Throwing Your Best Hit When You Feel Like Throwing In the Towel
 Beating Uncertainty: Winning over Worry in Every Stage of Life
 Championing Our Purpose: Becoming A Heavyweight Champion with God 

Each topic is 50 minutes long and includes music from Shannon that will help drive home the message of each topic. You will also receive ready-made promotional materials. You know your group best, so we invite you and your team to choose the topics most beneficial to you, based on the time frame of your event.

“For every woman who has experienced betrayal, loneliness, uncertainty, anger or Satan’s defeat and desires a better way, this book is for you! With a heart of joy and a love for God’s Word, Shannon courageously confronts tough topics.”
Cheryl Roland

Women's Director, NE Indiana District Church of the Nazarene

“Shannon Perry’s insight into the needs of women is a remarkable testament to how much we all struggle with the very same things. From loneliness to the temptation to people-please, Shannon helps us see that in the end, God has answers for all of our difficulties.”
Rene Gutteridge

Best-selling author of 24 multi-genre novels, one of which became a popular Hallmark movie

“Grace and Guts helps us find the grace we need to deal with difficult and painful situations. Shannon offers us a way to see God in the midst of all our circumstances.”
Lynda Zelenka

Associate Pastor, Foundry Church

“Grace and Guts is exactly what our hurting world needs right now. Shannon’s insightful study ignites the belief that healing through God’s grace will strengthen me into a warrior of the faith ready to believe, live and share Christ deeper every day.”
Marsha Lambeth

Program Director/Salem Houston Production Director, 100.7 FM, KKHT