For the last two weeks, I had the amazing privilege of hosting “Camp Chae Chae” for my two littles. It’s an annual event where we learn Bible stories, memorize verses, make crafts to go with our stories, play games, swim, bake, go on field trips and “jobs” to earn quarters to buy a toy on “Toy Friday.” Many have asked for my curriculum. The truth is—I’m making it up as I go! (Don’t tell anyone! 😉

One day after swimming, the boys got out of the pool and were drying off. I told them to get dressed and turned my back for one second. When I turned around, they were gone! I called their names. Nothing. When you have a three and six year old, that’s always cause for pause.

As I walked around calling their names, they both came running around the corner of the house-naked as a jay bird! I was firmly reminding them I’d told them to get dressed when the oldest blurted out, “Chae Chae! We found a dead lizard so we were putting him on the cross so he could go to Heaven!”  One of the stones on our walkway has a cross on it. Sure enough, there laid their fossilized friend. I paused, smiled and commended them on helping their friend go to Heaven before handing them their clothes.

There are many around us who need our help getting to the cross so they go to Heaven.  We may have to interrupt our plans, divert our attention or even get our hands a little dirty. Who has God put in your life that needs help getting to the cross? What is God asking you to do specifically to help them know Jesus as Savior?

John 4:35 reminds us that “the fields are ripe for harvest.” We can’t wait for someone else to do it. They need our help, our direction, our love, our prayers, our light to shine so they see the Savior of the world. Like my boys with their lizard, we may even have to carry them.  Whatever we have to do, it will be worth it. After all, Jesus set the example when he gave it all up—just for us.

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