In Mark 5, we see Jesus encounter a man who is possessed and is so violent he lives among tombs because he has no friends—they’re all dead! We also learn he cuts himself with stones. There wasn’t just one demon in this man when Jesus asked his name—they said ”We are legion.” In other words, this demon brought his family to inhabit the man.

One important thing that has jumped off the page at me this morning is that the demons begged Jesus to give them permission to RELOCATE to a new home. They wanted to stay in the region. We know Jesus sent the demons into the pigs, and the poor pigs became the victims of the demonic influence when they rushed into the sea and drowned.

That’s what evil does. It destroys.

At times, it’s easy to feel that an attack of the enemy is personal. Remember, he’s not after you—he’s after your location, your destiny, and your purpose. He is terrified of the danger you are to the kingdom of darkness when you are not deterred from the will of God for your life.  The will of God in your life will always glorify your Father in Heaven. That’s who the enemy hates—your Father.

The enemy wants you to hear things like “quit, stop, you’re no good, you’re forgotten, you’ll never be loved…” We all hear it. It’s his relentless ammunition to keep you from pushing through hard times and fulfilling your destiny—which will bring your Father the ultimate glory, and you, the victory.

It takes grace and guts to fight for our territory—our purpose, our destiny, our family, our faith. Do it! Don’t give in to those lies. The enemy has already lost the battle because Jesus killed any chance he had over our lives at Calvary. Hard times will come. Keep your head in the game and your gloves up. Take your position before the throne on your hands and knees, and make your worship louder than any of the lies in your head.

The battle is real. Take the victory that is yours.

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