Last year—when I was so sick with that thing we all know about— I thought I might be seeing Jesus at one point. As I lay there thinking about the details, it dawned on me…my hands! I always try to have my nails done because my fingers are short and stubby so I always wear my little “Dolly Parton” fingernails so my hands will look, well, pretty. But my nails hadn’t been done in three weeks and the last thing I did before I got sick was clean horse stalls. Somebody—do something! I called friends to remind them to please make sure my nails and roots were done so I could feel better about myself when I took my final flight!  God had other plans, but he reminded me a lot about hands that day.

Our hands have seen everything we’ve ever done with our life. They’ve done things we’re really proud of—other things—maybe not so much.

Hands must be pretty important. They were the last thing Jesus talked about at Calvary in Luke 23:46: “Into thy HANDS I commit my spirit.” We are so important that God engraved us on the palm of His HANDS (Isaiah 49). In His HANDS are strength and power (I Chronicles 29:12).

What will you do with your hands today? Write someone a note of encouragement? Help someone in need? Hug someone who is hurting? Care for God’s creation? Whatever it is, we can be sure that we are in good hands. Hands that cover us, hands that protect us, hands that give us power, and hands that love us outrageously.

See your hands? Those hands were designed for today. Put your hand in His and enjoy the rest of the trip He has planned just for you. As for me, I will do my best to keep those fingernails looking presentable.

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