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Grace & Guts Study Guide only.

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Women are warriors.

They fight for their families, their friends and their faith, but they often lay down their
gloves when it comes to caring for themselves. Their opponent comes to “steal, kill and
destroy.” He throws every possible punch to knock them down for the count, but the truth
is, victory has been promised when they find the GUTS to enter the ring and the GRACE
to endure the fight.

Counselor, speaker, television host and award-winning author Shannon Perry asked
thousands of women at her nationwide conferences, “What areas of life do you struggle
with the most?” In Grace and Guts, Shannon directly addresses these twelve core topics
women identified as their most difficult challenges in life. Offering Biblical guidance
along with step-by-step solutions and her trademark humor, Shannon helps women find
the courage to strap on their gloves and deliver the knock-out punch to their emotional
and spiritual battles, then move fearlessly into the unique plans and purpose God has
designed just for them.

“Shannon’s insight into the needs of women is a remarkable testament to how much we
all struggle with the same things. Shannon helps us see that in the end, God has answers
for all our difficulties.”—Rene Gutteridge, Hallmark Channel movie writer

“Grace and Guts is exactly what our hurting world needs right now!”—Marsha Lambeth, Salem Radio Production Director